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Monday, March 21, 2011


Forward, progression…movement from the past – It is not possible with only the movement of the lips.

Sounds, words dropping like lead to ground encasing the feet and unable to push forward.

It is impossible to carry all the weight of the baggage of times gone by.  The constant reminders of what you choose not to forget are like cement laden bags we must continually drag up a muddy hill.

The movement, if any, is sloppy, slow and then ultimately impossible to continue.

That pocket of time is just that – a moment that no longer exists, so why must the pain and destruction of that moment live on and destroy my present?

Does the present and future have such little value to you that it is overshadowed by a past that cannot be changed?

I choose to let go, because life along with its joys also has its burdens – I choose not to continue to carry them daily and risk being drowned by the overwhelming current that swept away what once was good.

I choose to learn and move --- MOVE FORWARD

Acknowledge the moment for what it was, to gain something positive from it, however small and move from it.

Make your choice, as I have made mine; I cannot, I will not allow a moment to become a recurring burden that will defeat the purpose of a union.

Let it go and move forward, in the same direction or hold steadfast to that past that apparently is of more value to you and remain stagnant or move ever so slowly in an entirely different direction. If this be your choice you have no one to blame but yourself.

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