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Friday, March 23, 2012

Quiet please

3/21/2012 10:38 AM

Jumbled thoughts, rapid fire pace.
Beautiful individually, all together a tangled mess
Overstepping boundaries, shouting, cutting each other off mid stream
Breathe... slowly... breathe, focus
Close your eyes, breathe, listen
Feel the thoughts with each slow breath
Take hold of them, gently...
Genuine, unfiltered
Beauty of God

© 2012 / Ilene Guido »»*******************************************************************««

Although the selection above is much shorter than I normally write, I am at peace with it. When my passion and intensity are overshadowed by anxiety and fear of failure, I take joy in the blessing and reminder that God guides my writing abilities. For me, this was a "hug", a "hand on my shoulder", reassuring me. Although my life my become fast paced, with responsibilities and things I'd like to accomplish, the ideas for journals, poetry, blogs, books flooding my head, I don't need to worry. I realize that as long as I seek God, all will be sorted out.

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